Warehouse Monitoring

Most of the cold storage businesses encounter some of the below challenges which can be very easily be addressed and delivered through our solution

  1. Overcooling = Energy Wastage: Extraneous factors (such as door openings / inappropriate circulation) may result in one side of the warehouse being warmer than the other. You may increase the cooling across all parts of the warehouse, causing significant wastage. 1 degree overcooling = 3 % increase in energy consumption.
  2. Compliance: Micromanagement of the temperature zones ensures that each type of food product is maintained at their prescribed temperature.
  3. Equipment Failure / Power Overdraw: Equipment Failure and Power Overdraw are not known in real-time.
  4. Equipment Condition / Prevent Failure: Proactive monitoring of refrigeration compressors.

Inferrix offers a 360-degree solution to ensure Energy Savings, Food Quality Compliance and Spoilage Prevention for your cold storages / warehouses:

Inferrix, a UK based IoT product company with a full product stack: Sensors-Gateways & Platform. Inferrix’ innovative range of sensors are – STICK. CLAMP. START – self powered and self-communicating. The deployment can be done in hours and does not need any IP for the sensors or power – very quick, risk free deployment.

  1. Inferrix Temperature Sensors can micromanage each subsection of the warehouse, giving you complete temperature profile mapping, in real – time. This can be used to understand cooling requirements that can be either adjusted automatically or manually.
  2. Inferrix vibration sensors helps detect and prevent problems with compressors, especially. The vibration pattern indicates potential failures that can be addressed proactively, presenting high repair cists post failure and not to mention the effect on food quality.
  3. Inferrix Power Sensors help understand the power consumption pattern of various equipment’s in the warehouse. This helps identify unproductive usage and also any equipment failures in real-time, which could prevent spoilage.
    It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to refrigerate a warehouse. A structured process will help optimize this usage.
  4. Inferrix Door Sensors give you a real-time view of any doors that have been left open or are being opened for long periods of time, this could cause significant energy wastage.

Smartifying Banks Infrastructure

Inferrix, with its next generation self-communicating & self-powered sensors and full product spectrum, is specifically focused on reducing ‘Operations Costs – Energy Costs’ and increasing ‘Operations Efficiency’.

  1. Branch & Office Energy Usage Optimization:The Inferrix proposition would eliminate energy wastage and leakage at offices, including the branch network. A 500 – 1000 AED per month savings across your 150 branches translates to 150*12*500/1000=90,000.00 – 180,000.00 AED annual savings. Usage based energy optimization can deliver 10-25% savings across the infrastructure.
  2. Compliance:Inferrix can automate parts or all of the infrastructure related compliance requirement at the branch network, for instance availability of the branch signage or number of time strong room was opened etc.
  3. Data Centre, Branch Network Room & ATM:Inferrix can monitor all the Server Room & ATM infrastructure, to ensure high business uptime and thereby high employee & staff satisfaction. This includes everything from Electrical Distribution Boards to UPS to Servers.We can provide a hosted or an in-premise model. In the Middle East Region, we have recently implemented our products at a bank. The communication between all our equipment’s is secure and encrypted.

Inferrix Smart Sensor Technology – Wirepas

Inferrix Sensors are based on a de-centralized wireless communication protocol. With the unique de-centralized operation, the devices contain all the intelligence. The devices themselves make all decisions locally and co-operatively. This enables the most reliable, optimized, scalable and simple to use connectivity for devices.

a. Sensors provide many benefits for enabling the implementation of large-scale IoT applications. The main benefits of are:

  1. Unlimited scale, coverage, and density:Unlimited scale in number of devices and coverage as all devices are able to route data and decisions are made locally. The networks can cover large geographical areas and provide connectivity in hard to reach places such as deep indoors and basements. Ultra-high device densities as well as sparse installations are enabled by WPC.
  2. High reliability and availability:There are multitude of self-healing and interference avoidance methods built into WPC. These enable high reliability and availability. The devices are connected and available 24/7. All this is independent of the environment dynamics and interferences.
  3. Low power and low latency:With the highly energy-efficient operation, all devices (including devices routing data) in the network can be battery-operated with multi-year lifetime. Low latency multi-hop message transfer is supported for applications requiring delays in the order of tens to hundreds of ms.
  4. Lowest total cost of ownership:Minimizes both capital costs (CAPEX) and operational costs (OPEX). No extra infrastructure is needed as the devices themselves form the network, the fully automatic operation enables easy and quick installation, and the firmware runs on low cost radio hardware. During the system lifetime, the data plan costs are minimized as backhaul connectivity is
    needed only for small fraction of devices, and the self-healing operation maintains the network continuously, removing the need for external interventions and field maintenance.
  5. Openness and flexibility:Easy-to-use open API for applications to use the network services, and the network can be integrated to any system and used in any application. IPv6 is supported for scenarios that require native IPv6 addressing to every single device. All the protocol intelligence is implemented in the WPC firmware and de-coupled from the physical layer. Thus, the firmware can run on any radio hardware and frequency band.
  6. Future proof:Developed to meet the evolving demands of IoT applications. Thus, the protocol adapts to the application, not vice versa. Efficient Over the Air Programming (OTAP) support enables remote updates for already installed devices. Both the protocol firmware and application can be remotely updated. This way, the lifetime of the installed hardware can be maximized.


Macro-economic factors, some of which include slow GDP growth, increase in cost of labour, currency volatility, increase in the cost of power/utilities (some countries have seen subsidy being removed, effecting their bills by 25-30%), to bring out a few.

It is imperative for retailers to actively look for sustainable and scalable solutions that can ensure that the operational cost can be brought down without effecting the compliance requirements, customer experience & comfort / environmental condition of the store.

  • Refrigeration, Heating/Cooling & Lighting – Contribute to 60-75% of the total Energy Spend of a Store
  • Proactive Usage Monitoring & Streamlined Maintenance of Refrigeration, Heating/Cooling can cut associated energy costs by 15-25%
  • Freezer Failures costs on an average GBP 2000 per failure instance

The Inferrix Advantage

  • Energy Monitoring – Energy spend of all key consuming equipments
  • Food Quality & Compliance – Chiller & Freezer comply with temperature norms.
  • Proactive Malfunction Notification – Failure & Performance alerts to eliminate spolage & wastage and timely servicing to ensure lower energy usage
  • Asset Tracking
  • Run Hours based Maintenance – Reduce breakdowns
  • Time of day / Usage based controls to optimise energy usage
  • Automate Compliance & Reporting
  • Multi-Site Centralized Control of all Assets. REDUCE RISK