power sensor


Compact design with mechanical hinge for opening & closing action that can be fit in confined spaces on live primary conductor. You can now have real time energy usage statistics, equipment state & condition details, equipment maintenance requirement details - at your fingertips, as it happens.

no service disruption-clamp on

self Networked

information at your fingertips

no brownfield environment challenges

installation & go live in hours

non intrusive installation

secure & seamless

unlimited scale & high reliability

no cable no external power

real time device-level energy

ota firmwarex upgrade


device-level energy
usage data
with statistic
Sources of Energy
energy saving
benchmarking &
behavioural changes
energy price based
load reduction/shift
equipment degradation
& failure detection


The sensors create their own mesh network, all you need to do is to turn the sensors on and the mesh network is ready to go. Sensors can be added or taken away, and the network re-configures without any break in coverage. Each sensor in the mesh network relays information and acts as a router to ensure that the information reaches the final destination. The sensors have compact design with built in coin cells. There is an in-built battery status alert in the event a battery needs replacement.

Microcontroller 32-bit arm cortex
Hardware Security 128 b its Aes ecb/ccm/aar co-processor
Sensor Board Operating Range -40 °C to 85 °C
Measurement Range 32 A, 63 A & 120 A
Sensor Type 32 A, 63 A & 120 A
Measurement Frequency 50 - 400 Hz
Accuracy class 1
Flying Lead 1 m
Case Nylon ul flame Retardant
Calibration Not required - Pre-calibrated CT sensors
Operating Temp ange -15 to +60 °C'
Dimension of Case 41.7x26.4x28.7mm & 53x31x29.9mm
Cable Diameter 10mm(30A & 60A)/16mm(120A)
Coin cell specification
Battery Type Replaceable 3.0V Battery (2xAA)
Dimension 24.5x7.7mm
Operating Temperature -30 to +60 °C (-22 to 140 °F)
Continuous Standard Load (mA) 0.2
Wireless Specifiactions
Operating Frequency 2.4 GHz (2.36-2.48 GHz)
On-air data rate 1 mbps - 2 mbps
Low energy power consumption < 20uA
Range of communication 20-100m based on line of sight